The Color Yellow

My 1st Grown Up Dress

My grandmother was a fashion diva who was on first name
basis with sales personnel.  One day she came home with my first real grown up dress. I was eighteen years old and it was a sweltering, humid day in early summer.This amazing dress was bright, canary yellow, linen with a full skirt, and a matching 3” belt.In fact, what I remember so dearly about this dress was that I cinched the belt in so tight that I could hardly breathe.  This was a Body Magic garment before it was invented; my waist was no more than 23” when I wore this belt.

In this dress I knew I was a brick house and couldn’t anyone tell me a thing.  Now fully grown and a new member to the diva society, I would strut like a peacock in my special yellow dress.  There is nothing
like a pure linen dress in the summer time.I’m not sure what was hotter, the weather or how I felt in my beautiful linen dress—sizzling and grown!


What are your thoughts and or memories about the color yellow?