July 25, 2014

Book link  http://blur.by/1njnV8i

15% discount through August 31, 2014.  Put discount code in box  at online checkout–SUMMERSAVINGS



March 25, 2014


LIFE IZ COLORFUL book available on Blurb at:  http://blur.by/1njnV8i     

Or just go to Blurb.com, book store and search Life iz Colorful in fine arts.

Available in both hardcover and e-book for iPad.








March 12, 2014

At last, the book is complete in hard cover.  I am waiting

to receive the first copy.  Once we can inspect it than we

will be creating the e-book version for ipad.  It won’t be long

now so stay tuned.  The hyperlink will be placed on this update

so you can purchase the book from blurb.com.


October 19, 2013

We should be finishing proofing by the end of October.  It has been a long  journey but I’m looking forward to reporting the availability of the book soon.

Like my page on Facebook,  Life iz Colorful.

In the meantime put lots of colors in your life!







August 3, 2013

Hey there.  Would you believe I’m still editing the book.  I have two readers other than myself; this is a lengthy process.  However, with more prayer we should be ready for print by demand within the next thirty days.  Will keep you posted on this journey.







June 4, 2013

We are moving right along with the book project.  This has taken far longer than I thought but I want it right.  We have done four layout edits so far and have several more in addition to final editing from outside parties.

I have a new appreciation for the process in creating a book from inception to completion.

Will continue to keep you posted!






February 14, 2013

What it’s all about…!

We launched on Kickstarter March1, 2013.

Our goal is to raise $55,000.

Our pledge period is March 1-March 30th.

You cannot pledge prior to March 1st.

We will post the pledge link to our campaign on this website March 1st.

You can pledge between $5-$2500.

It’s a gift exchange at each level of financial pledging.

The specific gift categories will be listed on the Kickstarter website 3-1-2013.

It’s an all or nothing proposition.  We must raise a minimum of $55,000 or we get nothing.

We will keep you updated and ask that you pledge this project and encourage your contacts to do the same.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


MAY 23,2013

We did not make our Kickstarter goal and therefore moved to plan B which we believe is the A plan for Life Iz Colorful book.

We are in the process of laying out the book for print by demand and pdf files.  We should be complete with the lay-out and editing by the end of July.  Upon completion we will upload the files to Blurb so that you can order the book on line.  We will keep you posted.

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