As a child, I loved to watch my mother get dressed up.  I particularly enjoyed the ceremonious way she prepared for cocktail parties with my dad.  She always would lay her garments on the bed and the accessory possibilities beside the dresses.  Of course she had a wardrobe of elegant evening shoes to go with each outfit.  Then, she would begin the selection task and ask my sister and me to give our approvals.  Dressing for the event would go smoothly with the last addition being her ruby red lipstick that she would meticulously blot on with a tissue.  Picture perfect was Cinderella as she went to the ball.

Days later when mom was not around I would go into her closet and do my own dress rehearsal.  I was about twelve when I began practicing, dressing like mom.  I followed her routine but I would have to stuff additional clothing in her dresses so they wouldn’t fall down.  I was especially fond of her dangling earrings and would always choose the largest ones I could find.  Like mom,the finishing touch was her ruby red lipstick that no matter how hard I tried I could not get straight on my lips.  I only wish I had pictures of my attempts to be mom!  To this day I am very fond of red lipstick and where this love came from.

What are your thoughts and or memories about the color red?


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