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Life Iz Colorful is Up and Running

We finally launched with Kickstarter on March 1st and have 30 days to meet our goal.  Please go to our Kickstarter website and explore our colorful project and make it a reality.


Please join us with Color Bloggers for a shady bit of fun!


The book Life Iz Colorful is a seven yer endeavor by artist Barbara Kendall Reed that captures reflections and moments in life through art and poetry.

The project is being launched through the marketing platform, Kickstarter, an international website to help approved creative projects raise the funding needed for their project(s).

The goal of this project is $55,000 in 30 days.  The program is set up to be a gift exchange that encourages you to pledge.

The pledge period for Life Iz Colorful Book project is March 1-March 30.

Pledges range from $5-$2500.

The details of the pledge categories will be on the kickstarter website on March 1.

We are asking that you pledge on March 1st to propel this project.  You cannot pledge prior to March 1st.

This fund raising project is all or nothing!  If the minimum goal of $55,000 is not raised then no pledges will be charged/collected.

On March 1st we will send the pledge link to our contacts and post it on this website.

Progress reports will appear on this website and be sent to our contacts.

Barbara’s team is excited for her and we know you are as well, so let’s kick our gears in drive and help bring this project to fruition.

The next update will be on the project details.  Please send this information to your email and Facebook contacts and encourage them to financially pledge this project.

Thank you for your support!

The Color Red

As a child, I loved to watch my mother get dressed up.  I particularly enjoyed the ceremonious way she prepared for cocktail parties with my dad.  She always would lay her garments on the bed and the accessory possibilities beside the dresses.  Of course she had a wardrobe of elegant evening shoes to go with each outfit.  Then, she would begin the selection task and ask my sister and me to give our approvals.  Dressing for the event would go smoothly with the last addition being her ruby red lipstick that she would meticulously blot on with a tissue.  Picture perfect was Cinderella as she went to the ball.

Days later when mom was not around I would go into her closet and do my own dress rehearsal.  I was about twelve when I began practicing, dressing like mom.  I followed her routine but I would have to stuff additional clothing in her dresses so they wouldn’t fall down.  I was especially fond of her dangling earrings and would always choose the largest ones I could find.  Like mom,the finishing touch was her ruby red lipstick that no matter how hard I tried I could not get straight on my lips.  I only wish I had pictures of my attempts to be mom!  To this day I am very fond of red lipstick and where this love came from.

What are your thoughts and or memories about the color red?


The Color Yellow



The Color Yellow

My 1st Grown Up Dress

My grandmother was a fashion diva who was on first name
basis with sales personnel.  One day she came home with my first real grown up dress. I was eighteen years old and it was a sweltering, humid day in early summer.This amazing dress was bright, canary yellow, linen with a full skirt, and a matching 3” belt.In fact, what I remember so dearly about this dress was that I cinched the belt in so tight that I could hardly breathe.  This was a Body Magic garment before it was invented; my waist was no more than 23” when I wore this belt.

In this dress I knew I was a brick house and couldn’t anyone tell me a thing.  Now fully grown and a new member to the diva society, I would strut like a peacock in my special yellow dress.  There is nothing
like a pure linen dress in the summer time.I’m not sure what was hotter, the weather or how I felt in my beautiful linen dress—sizzling and grown!


What are your thoughts and or memories about the color yellow?