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Barbara Kendall Reed


Hello, I’m Barbara Kendall Reed, the creator of this website/blog and President of an art and design company called Visual Images Design Studio, LLC.

I decided to name this website the name of my pending book Life Iz Colorful.  My experience, both in business and in my personal life, has been very colorful!


At Visual Images Design Studio, LLC we:

• Sell original works of art

• Provide interior decorating services

• Create multi-media art projects

• Author lyrics and songs

• Write reflective poetry

The company is always engaged in multiple projects that often times involve other creative individuals as well as the individual(s) who secure the above services.   For that reason I have listed current projects and the status of these projects on the Home Page so you can follow their progress.  For additional information on specific areas of service or projects please refer to the individual tabs.

A separate tab is designated for blogging only so join the fun.

Please subscribe to our website before you leave this page so we can keep in touch.



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